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Portable 1.44 Touch Screen Pedometer and Outdoor Bluetooth V3.0 Smart Watch

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Portable 1.44 Touch Screen Pedometer and Outdoor Bluetooth V3.0 Smart Watch

Portable 1.44 Touch Screen Fitness, Sports and Outdoor Bluetooth V3.0 Smart Watch

Product Description

  • Do you want powerful technology to start your smart life?
  • Do you want to show fashionable taste?
  • Do you want to own unique design and make yourself different?

This smart watch can realise all these for you! With cool appearance and unique design together with its simple and portable style, you can show off the fashion in you.

The watch has 1.4 2.5D capacitive touch screen and its delicate, beautiful and accurate process will bring you realistic picture images. It is equipped with USB charging port, perfect product design, soft silicone band combined with perfect stainless steel clasp,  With its ultra-thin design and accurate buttons, the watch has passed high strength test therefore it is sensitive and durable.

Totally new UI, extreme pleasurable experience! Love fashion, style and fitness, do not hesitate anymore, get this watch immediately and enjoy the perfect experience that multi-functional intelligent watch provide!

Product Specification:

  • Brand: Atongm
  • Model: W009
  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Smart Watch
  • Dial Material: Metal Band
  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 39*44.5*11.5mm
  • Weight: 66g Display Screen
  • Size: 1.44
  • Resolution: 128*128
  • Touch Screen Type: 2.5D Capacitive touch screen
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Battery Capacity: 3.7V/320mAh
  • CPU Type: MTK6260D-ARM7
  • CPU Speed: 360MHz
  • RAM SRAM: MTK6260 (Built-in) - 32mb
  • ROM Flash NOR Flash: MTK6260 (Built-in)-32mb
  • Front Camera: No
  • Built-in Bluetooth: MTK6260 (Built-in) BT3.0
  • Built-in Speaker: 8??/0.7W speaker x 1
  • Built-in MIC: Yes
  • Built-in G-sensor: Yes
  • Built-in Barometer & Altimeter: Selectable
  • External memory: No Music & FM Output USB
  • Earphone Interface: Micro USB MIC
  • USB Interface: Micro USB
  • Charging Port: Micro USB (with Cap)
  • Light touch switch button function: Power on/Blank screen
  • Software Function:
  • Operating System: MTK Nucleus
  • Phone book: Up to 1500
  • Call: Support Bluetooth hands-free calls
  • Call History: Support
  • SMS: Support (Need download APP), only support android synchronization
  • Capture: Support (Need download APP), only support android synchronization
  • FM: Support Synchronization
  • Time: Support Sync
  • Music Playing: Support
  • Date & Time Setting: Support
  • Alarm Clock: Support
  • Stopwatch: Support
  • Pedometer: Support
  • Barometer: Support
  • Altimeter: Support
  • Thermometer: Support
  • Support Language: Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Turkey, Bahasa Melayu, German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew

Function Information:

  • Bluetooth
    Bluetooth connection will be enabled or closed. 
    Bluetooth device visibility settings. 
    Bluetooth name modification.

  • Anti lost settings and alert type selecting.
  • Phone book: The watch when connected with the mobile phone will display mobile phone contacts in the machine
  • Dial: Watch when connected to the phone can dial
  • Messaging: Open this function to see the inbox and sent massages menu, this function needs to install the BT Notification.apk application for use in mobile phone terminal.
  • Call History: Open this function to see all calls (Missed calls, dialled calls, received calls)
  • Notified: Can query the QQ/We chat and other timely news, this function needs to install the BT Notification.apk application for use in mobile phone terminal.
  • BT Music: Can control the music playing in the mobile phone Capture: When you install the BT Notification.apk application in mobile phone, it can remote on/off mobile phone camera press confirm to complete pictures, if you want to close press the button voice, you can click menu profiles to set silent Barometer: Open this function to display the current atmospheric pressure altitude and the current temperature
  • Altimeter: Calculation of vertical to watch moving download relative height after a certain distance, open this function will see the following menu: Relative height, altitude, start point, reset
  • Pedometer: Calculation of the walking distance of time (time, minutes, seconds) and the number of kilometres (km), Open this function to see the following menu - Pedometer, sex, height, weight, step length
  • Stopwatch: Open this function can be timing
  • Profiles: Open this function watch will shake alarm or different ringtones after keep away from mobile phone for a second distance. Different anti lost alarm type can setting in the menu Bluetooth Anti lost
  • Calendar: Display calendar Settings: Open this function to see the following menu: Time & Date, language, display, Misc. setting
  • Calculator: Open calculator function
  • FM radio: Open FM radio, need to install the BT Notification.apk application

Product Content:

1 x Smart Bluetooth Smart Watch 1 x USB Charging Cable(70cm) 1 x Chinese & English User Manual